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Multilingual BI Solution

Microsoft Impact Awards Winner 2010Techtra's Business Intelligence practice leverages the Microsoft BI platform to unlock the value of actual systems by streamlining the way information is collected, stored, delivered, and maintained, ultimately enhancing any organization’s decision making power.

By leveraging our experience and expertise in the BI area we have developed and deployed a multilingual end-to-end BI solution to front-line company users that delivers more than 1400 corporate wide Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The solution has 5 levels and it’s structured under 7 category types: Customer, Finance, Efficiency, Internal Processes, Sustainable Development and Human Resources. Each category type has its own multidimensional KPIs set with specific metrics.

By applying Techtra`s methodology combined with the knowledge of our experts we will help you to achieve the following:

  • Increase the value of your current systems;
  • More efficient decision based on valid information;
  • Obtain quick views of your business units;
  • Reduce access time to information;
  • Respond more quickly to various situations;

Techtra’s solution bring together best of bread Microsoft technology, analytical applications, best practices, and a broad and proven experience to give customers an open, adaptive and complete end-to-end BI solution.

Our experience has proved that this solution integrating the advanced capabilities of SharePoint Server 2007, PerformancePoint 2007, SQL Reporting Services 2008, SQL Data Analysis 2008 and SQL Integration Services 2008 is also the most cost-effective choice for deploying Business Intelligence throughout the organization.

Key Components:

  1. Analysis:
    • Deep comparative analysis using drill-down and look-up functionality by hierarchy as well as across categories;
    • Ability to analyze data from KPIs within a similar category/across different reporting structures;
    • Provides drill down functionality from parent to the lower level KPI in order to analyze performance issues that may be contributing to variance of higher level parent;
    • Allows the user to define action plans, including start date, due date and %complete, for a given KPI, describing the actions that will be taken to re-align a KPI that is off-target.
  2. Score Carding:
    • Corporate Scorecard - Allows all employees to view the status of all KPIs defined within their division.
    • My Scorecard - Provides all employees responsible for reporting of metrics with their own scorecard and the appropriate KPI reports.
    • Hierarchy scorecard - Contains a drill-down list of specific KPIs, displaying the parent/dependent relationship between the 5 levels.
  3. Dashboards:
    • Enable the user to report on a specific KPI across the division/district;
    • Provides for each KPI multiple indicators comparing actual vs. Target results;
    • Ability to clearly visualize and communicate links between KPIs at different levels;
  4. Reporting:
    • Provides easy recognition of key performance factors and other business influences through customizable report functions: lists, cross-tabs, gauges, maps, prompt controls, calculations, HTML objects, images, and other chart types.
    • Each KPI has its own KPI report (hierarchy scorecard, KPI details, comments and tasks related to each KPI, current year, monthly vs. plan charts and KPI trend;
    • KPIs, dashboards, scorecards and reports are available through the SharePoint Intranet and are easily transported into Excel and PowerPoint documents;
  5. BI Extensions:
    • Allows real-time queries to be run against the ERP data from within different relational databases and other various sources accessible via ODBCs.

 Product Highlights

  • Easy adaptability to specific requirements
    • 5 levels of dashboards with multidimensional KPIs; KPI tracking with e-mail notifications; Broad access to KPIs via the Corporate Intranet; Multi-site, multilingual system, KPIs data are automatically synchronized with the Data Warehouse, KPI Query functionality, etc.
  • High Scalability
    • Being able to show 1500 and more KPI indicators
  • Open and enterprise-ready solution
    • SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2 will be able to add more functionality to the existing implementation
  • Cost-effective
  • Technology learning curve
    • Allowing easy introduction and solution acceptance corporate wide

 Technical Specifications

The following products were used in this integrated BI solution:

  • Microsoft Office 2007 System
    • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
    • Microsoft Office Performance Point Server 2007
    • Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition
    • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services 2008 (SSIS)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008

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