SharePoint Meta Tags Manager

SharePoint Meta Tags Manager

MetaTags ManagerSharePoint Meta Tags Manager is an advanced tool specifically designed to assist you in configuring your SharePoint website(s) for Search Engine Optimization. It allows you to add multiple meta tags to your dynamically generated pages.

Creating meta tags for SharePoint sites is a painful process. You are basically stuck in adding meta information using SharePoint designer, either by adding a set of global tags to the master page or over-ridding the “PlaceHolderAdditionalPageHead” content placeholder on each page.

With SharePoint Meta Tags Manager, there is no more need to add any web user control to your pages or to create the custom fields that you want to generate meta tags for and put them into a particular group (e.g. a 'meta' field group). SharePoint Meta Tag Manager takes care of all these aspects and helps you to easily make changes to all your web pages from one place, using the SharePoint Administrative Interface.

Today, it is the fastest and easiest way for creating and maintaining complete sets of Meta Tags for SharePoint sites.

 Product Highlights

  • Works at SharePoint top-level sites and subsites
  • Allows you to create properly designed Meta Tags for SharePoint websites instantly
  • Automatically inserts Meta Tags into the "head" area of your web pages
  • Renders the Meta Tags when the page is published
  • Case insensitive: the meta tags may be any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Use caching to speed site pages load times
  • Multilingual support
  • Allows to easily make changes to any of your Meta Tags from the SharePoint Administrative Interface
  • Easy to use and implement

 Technical Specifications

  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server (MOSS) 2007


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